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A Place to Call Home

Several months ago, a few churches in my area established an organization for the homeless. These places of worship donated money to build a large home. Homeless people can stay at this lovely home until they are able to find jobs and secure a place of their own. Members from the participating churches cook meals, maintain the home, drive the residents to job interviews, and complete many other vital activities for the homeless. This religious organization has allowed several homeless families to rest in comfortable beds each night while they put the pieces of their lives back together. On this blog, you will discover how your place of worship can help the homeless in your neighborhood.



Studying The Bible: What’s In It For You?

If your schedule is already crammed full of activities, work, and family obligations, you may wonder how you would find time to study the Bible or even why you should consider studying the Bible. You may wonder what's in it for you and why you should consider digging deeper into the meaning of scripture. Studying the Bible is important and valuable for several reasons. To Know God better You may feel simply believing in God is all you need. Read More 

The Philosophies Of A Successful Youth Ministry

The need for youth ministry is practically uncontested in most religious denominations, as the teenagers of today face unprecedented challenges.  The question for many ministries, however, can be what the needs of those teens are, and how to best meet them. What is your goal? As a youth leader, whether you are a volunteer or clergy, the first thing you should consider is the overarching goal of your ministry.  What are the needs of your youth? Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation When Pre-Planning A Funeral

Just because you've decided to be cremated doesn't mean you can't have some of the elements of a traditional burial funeral. There is a lot of overlap between the two. Here are some of the typical questions you may have when considering cremation as part of your funeral pre-planning. Do I need to buy a casket? No, an inexpensive fiberboard box, sometimes called an "alternative container", is all that is necessary for the cremation. Read More