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A Place to Call Home

Several months ago, a few churches in my area established an organization for the homeless. These places of worship donated money to build a large home. Homeless people can stay at this lovely home until they are able to find jobs and secure a place of their own. Members from the participating churches cook meals, maintain the home, drive the residents to job interviews, and complete many other vital activities for the homeless. This religious organization has allowed several homeless families to rest in comfortable beds each night while they put the pieces of their lives back together. On this blog, you will discover how your place of worship can help the homeless in your neighborhood.



A Look At Some Noteworthy Historical Facts About Black Churches

If you want to see what faith looks like when it is alive and well, step into your choice of black church services across the country. As many churches as there now are with mostly African American members, it is hard to believe that at one time, organized religion in a church did not happen so easily for members of the black community. Throughout history, the black church has grown and evolved to become what it is today, but it does have an interesting history to boast. Read More